US City, State & Federal Dog Laws

California Food and Agricultural Code
Division 14. Regulation and Licensing of Dogs

Chapter 6. Fees for Impounding - Sections 31251-31255

31251.  The board of supervisors of each county shall fix the fee
for impounding any dog and the amount which is to be paid for keeping
the dog.

31252.  If the impounding of a dog is done by an appointee of the
board of supervisors or by a humane society or other organization or
association which has entered into a contract for impounding dogs,
the fees for taking up, impounding, and keeping the dog shall be a
charge upon the county treasury, to be paid as other claims against
the county are paid.

31253.  If a dog which has been impounded is claimed by the owner,
the fee for impounding and keeping the dog, as fixed by the board of
supervisors, shall be paid by the owner to the person, organization,
or association which has custody of the dog, to be retained by him or
them.  No charge for fees pertaining to the dog shall be paid by the
board of supervisors.

31254.  The refusal or failure of the owner of any such dog to pay
the fee and charges after due notification shall be held to be an
abandonment of the dog by the owner.

31255.  (a) An animal control officer of any county, if so
authorized by the board of supervisors of the county, or an animal
control officer of any city, if so authorized by the governing body
of the city, may accept a credit card as a method of payment for any
fee or penalty provided by this division, for any license, fee, or
fine, or for any other obligation owed to the officer.
   (b) Notwithstanding Title 1.3 (commencing with Section 1747) of
Part 4 of Division 3 of the Civil Code, a surcharge may be imposed to
cover the rate of discount that the credit card issuer debits the
local agency on acceptance of the sales draft.